Lead Yourself….Lead Others

with purpose, personal power, and honed management skills

Fast-forward to a higher level
of inspired, connected and effective leadership with
Dr. Teri Mahaney’s individualized programs.

A hybrid consultant,
she is a rare professional who operates equally
in the management arena and personal transformation world.

Use her program to increase your CLQ (Conscious Leader Quotient)

Lead Yourself to

  • clear purpose and direction
  • more meaningful relationships
  • expanded personal power
  • fulfilling career and life choices
  • deep connection and insights
  • renewal and redirection

Lead Others (family, tribe, groups, organizations, the world) with

  • expanded global perspectives
  • motivational visions
  • inspiring communication 
  • powerful management skills
  • creative and innovative approaches
  • critical thinking and analysis

               My social consciousness started young – making and delivering peanut butter sandwiches to “winos” in a hobo camp in Los Angeles – and continued on to being a Spiritual Elder with a United Nations NGO for youth peace programs.
               But I grew increasingly frustrated I wasn’t making a bigger difference in all the areas that had heart and meaning for me. So much to do and so little time.
               Teaching leadership in graduate school and guiding students through writing their research theses, I “got” that I could leverage my experience, perspectives and skills through others.
               With mentoring and coaching, I could have a small impact in dozens of areas. I could drop a stone in the lake and watch the ripples go out from there. And so this program was born.
               My intention is to support and accelerate your expansion and effectiveness as a Conscious Leader by merging deepened awareness with a refined managerial skill-set.
               Join me for the personal journey of a lifetime!

Teri Mahaney, Phd

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