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feel guided to make a difference.

They live with authenticity, courage, connection and commitment.

They are all ages and ethnicities – from US CEOs expanding employee benefits to African youth repurposing plastic to micro-financers to popular entertainers to retirees volunteering to…

By focusing on the Triple Bottom Line – people, planet and profit – they increase their prosperity without decreasing the prosperity of another.

Take your place among them with Dr. T’s support and guidance.

Rise to a higher level
of inspired leadership

Enroll in a mentorship or master class program and expand your ability to lead yourself and others with power and grace.


  • Deepened self awareness and authenticity
  • True connection and inspiration
  • Clear vision, purpose and intent
  • Advanced leadership skills and abilities
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Dr. T’s
programs are unique

As a rare thought leader with experience and achievement in BOTH fields – leadership and neuroscience – Dr. T has real-world practical application of

  • advanced leadership theories and practices
  • researched practices for expanded consciousness
  • the neuroscience of peak performance

It is her passion to support leaders and emerging leaders who want to make a difference.

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