Fast-forward to a higher level
of inspired, connected and effective leadership with
Dr. Teri Mahaney’s individualized programs.

A hybrid consultant,
she is a rare professional who operates equally
in the management arena and personal transformation world.

Her passion and purpose
are to share her gifts of experience, intuition, and hard-won wisdom
to quantomize your leadership development and personal potential.

Lead Yourself….Lead Others

with purpose, personal power, and honed management skills

Lead Yourself to

  • clear purpose and direction
  • more meaningful relationships
  • expanded personal power
  • fulfilling career and life choices
  • deep connection and insights
  • renewal and redirection

Lead Others (family, tribe, groups, organizations, the world) with

  • expanded global perspectives
  • motivational visions
  • inspiring communication 
  • powerful management skills
  • creative and innovative approaches
  • critical thinking and analysis

Dr. Mahaney teaches leadership classes on the university
graduate level based on her vast experience in the public and
private sectors.

She has been an innovative leader in various fields, from
public service (directing statewide divisions for the
governor) to higher education administration to
entrepreneurship to management training for the Department
of Defense.

Her variety of clients range from high placed government officials to highly visible spiritual leaders and include an Attorney General, a CFO of the largest seaport in America, a commander of Navy test pilots, and heads of corporations, Chambers of Commerce, and private companies.

Guided by her intuition and aided by her vast work experience,  she delivers straightforward and practical strategies. She has mentored, taught and consulted with thousands of people with amazing results, both personally and professionally.

Contact Teri for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss a personalized program for you.