Conscious Leader

Dr. T

is a multi-faceted game changer. She has served as an effective C-Suite transformational leader, an award-winning university professor, a sought after management consultant and trainer, and creator / founder of a neuroscience-based peak performance program.


Dr.T’s leadership experiences include

  • transformational leadership in all five sectors: for profit,government, education, selfemployment, non-profit


  • founding SuperTraining, a management training and consulting company for over a hundred organizations (from the Stennis Space Center to Supreme Court Clerks)


  • conducting international management training
    for the Department of Defense


  • award winning university professor teaching leadership

Dr.T’s consciousness experiences include

  • being a natural intuitive
  • discovering and developing the internationally recognized neuroscience program, Change Your Mind
  • designing and conducting research on brain states and consciousness
  • presenting neuroscience research at international conferences
  • conducting national workshops on brain states and consciousness
  • leading spiritual retreats in Sedona, AZ (where she lived for 17 years)
  • Serving as a spiritual elder for a United Nations NGO for youth with global peace projects


Dr.T is highly respected for her vast knowledge and hard-won wisdom, yet she keeps it supremely simple, personal and practical.
She’s REAL.

She’s known for being light-hearted, clear-minded, humorous, supportive, powerful, and drama-free.
She’s FUN.

She enjoys art and foreign / independent films and reads a mix of books from all countries and cultures.
She thrives on DIVERSITY.

It is her JOY to share her wisdom and knowledge to accelerate your transformation.
She is living her PURPOSE and PASSION.

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