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You can be a leader and not be conscious.

You can be conscious and not be an effective leader

My intention is to provide information, perspectives, and how-tos for your journey as a conscious leader.

The Blog Categories are:

1) Leadership – information about styles and types, with leader profiles

(2) Leadership Skills &Abilities – a toolbox for increased effectiveness

(3) Consciousness- information about theories, with leader profiles

(4) Consciousness Tools and Techniques – how-to for connection and action

Information blogs have

* REFLECT sections for reflection and integration
* APPLY sections for application / action

Skill development blogs have
* HOW-TO practices


There has been an explosion of writing / talking about conscious leadership, with
LOTS of definitions and approaches from various perspectives – physical,
psychological, neurological… This blog considers Conscious Leadership from a
spiritual perspective.

My Definitions:

Consciousness –
Connection to / guidance from a Higher Power (use your word here:
the Divine, God, Spirit, Allah, Universal Source, Divine Mother,
Buddha, Cosmic Field, Tao, the Absolute…) 

Leader –
A person with followers (and /or a following)

Conscious Leader –
A person aligned with a Higher Power who has effective leadership skills
that motivates and inspires others to act for the highest good

Most leaders ask: Am I doing the right thing?

A conscious leader asks: Am I being the right person?

CONSCIOUS LEADERS are all ages, ethnicities and worldviews– from US
CEOs expanding employee benefits to an African youth building windmills to a
micro-financier working to end poverty to an entertainer with themes of unity to
retirees volunteering to…

The world needs as many types of conscious leaders as there are followers – so
there is unlimited opportunity for all of us – with our unique styles, approaches,
and causes – to make a difference in our world.

Conscious Leader Behaviors include:

* feeling impelled / guided to make a difference
* living with authenticity, courage, connection and commitment
* continuously improving their leadership skills
* continuously deepening / expanding their connection to Spirit


When asked about their most important practice, effective leaders respond with
“reflection” – or a similar non-activity concept like time to think, time in nature,
journaling, meditating, etc. They review, analyze and self correct as appropriate.
What is your reflection practice?

Most leaders ask: What will others think / feel about this?

A Conscious Leader asks: How does this align with my higher self / spirit?

My Background:

As a business professor of leadership in graduate school, I encounter academic
material with conflicting research, impractical strategies, and non-useful

As a conscious consultant to individuals and organizations, I encounter lots of
lofty ideals – without much effective action.

As a spiritual seeker, I encounter ethereal concepts without practical
application – without a bottom line

The blog brings it all together to support your leading, leveraging, and
transforming – personally and professionally

Join me on your journey

Join me on your journey