Conscious Leaders …

are do-no-harm individuals.

They are committed to improving the human condition, starting with
               themselves first.

They are skilled in conscious self management, transformation, leadership,
                and organizationaldevelopment.

They practice conscious evolution.

What is a Conscious Business?

What is a Conscious Organization?

Conscious Businesses / Organizations…

are do-no-harm groups.

They define prosperity as increasing their profits without decreasing the
               prosperity of another.

They are defined by their Triple Bottom Line:
               providing positive value in the domains of people, planet and profit.

They practice conscious evolution.

How does the program work?

Personal programs are designed to achieve your objectives and last from one month to one year.

You design the program by choosing the topics and timeframes you want. The four focus areas for growth and development are

  1. Conscious Self Management
  2. Conscious Transformation
  3. Conscious Leadership
  4. Conscious Management Skills

Each focus area has numerous topics ranging from
(1) Vision Boarding to
(2) Understanding My Brain States and Performance to
(3) Creating and Communicating Vision to
(4) Keeping Teams Engaged.

Usually, we cover two topics a month with bi-monthly talks (1 hour long) and
email support for $ 495.

You can fast-track this to four topics a month with weekly talks (1 hour long) and
email support for $ 897

Introductory Offer:

Purchase a 3 month program and get the 4th month free.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Dr.Mahaney to explore the possibilities for your expansion as a Conscious Leader.