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My social consciousness started young – making and delivering peanut butter sandwiches to winos in a hobo camp in Los Angeles – and continued on to holistic management consulting and training – then to leading a statewide Civil Rights Division – and to being a Spiritual Elder with a United Nations NGO for youth leading global peace programs.

My intention is to use my wealth of experience to accelerate and support your transformation as a conscious leader – whatever your field – in ease and grace.

Join me for the journey of a lifetime!

Dr. T


Co-design your one--on-one program with Dr. T

  • Choose your area of focus
  • Identify your time commitment
  • Set your intentions
  • Start transforming!

Programs are in 3 month segments and include

  • Bi-weekly Zoom sessions
  • Continuous email support
  • Motivities (motivating activities)

Master classes:

Join like minded colleagues to expand your conscious leadership skills and become dramatically more effective in making a difference. Share discovering, discussing, and presenting.
Enjoy accelerating your transformation!

Classes are designed for maximum effectiveness:
  • 6 month segments
  • Bi-monthly meetings
  • Maximum of 9 cohorts per class
  • Motivities (motivating activities)
  • Participant presentations / sharing

As a conscious master leader, teacher and mentor, Dr. T provides

  • genuine support, acceptance and caring
  • a non-judgmental emotionally safe space to flourish
  • expanded visions / possibilities
  • new perspectives on old patterns
  • insightful and meaningful feedback
  • Intuition-based guidance
  • optimism and a sense of humor
  • complete confidentiality
Programs Background Circle of Stones
As one client wrote, “This is all awesome! In a world full of BS and disappointments, Dr.T’s program is a refreshing solution for change and improvement.”

Enroll in a program and take your place
among other conscious leaders -
and make a difference - your way.

- Conscious Evolution

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Blake Mycoskie

- Business

Gloria Steinem

- Social / Feminist Rights

Dalai Lama

- Spirituality

Kelvin Doe
- Technology

Fawn Douglas
- Environment

Steve Kerr
- Sports

Ai WeiWei
- Art

Maryan Mohamed Hussein

Maryan Mohamed Hussein
- Peace

Marcos Terena

Marcos Terena
- Indigenous Rights

Amanda Gorman
- Literature

Alicia Keys
- Music

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