Conscious Leader


the Program


Conscious Leaders …

are do-no-harm individuals.

They are committed to improving the human condition, starting with themselves first.
They increase their prosperity without decreasing the prosperity of another.

They define Conscious Business / Organizations by their
Triple Bottom Line: providing positive value in the domains of people, planet and profit.

How do I work

with Dr. Mahaney?

You collaborate to design a personal program by choosing
the topics and timeframes that meet your goals and fit your schedule.

The four focus areas for growth and development are

1. Conscious Awareness and Self Management
2. Conscious Transformation
3. Conscious Leadership
4. Conscious Management Skills

Programs last from one month to one year.

Usually, a program covers two topics a month with bimonthly consultations (1 hour long) and email support.

You can fast-track this to four topics a month with weekly
consultations (1 hour long) and email support.


Join with other conscious leaders who are living their purpose.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

- Conscious Evolution

Blake Mycoskie

- Business

Maryan Mohamed Hussein

- Peace

Marcos Terena

- Indigenous Rights

Gloria Steinem

- Social / Feminist Rights

Dalai Lama

- Spirituality

Kelvin Doe
- Technology

Fawn Douglas
- Environment

Steve Kerr
- Sports

Amanda Gorman
- Literature

- Art

Andra Day
- Music

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